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Our Repair Process

For any type of automotive service, from a minor scratch or dent, to a major collision repair, Country Collision Center can do it all. We work with all insurance companies and provide free estimates for repair. We have a full-service body and paint shop, using only PPG paint products. Our staff are ASE certified and are also ICAR trained for all makes.


• Contact your insurance company to report a claim and obtain a claim number.
• Call Country Collision Center, your state certified collision care center.
• Country Collision Center will consult with you and assess your needs.


We will handle everything from this point in the process!

• Once the claim is processed the insurance company will set an initial inspection. (Occasionally an Insurance company may approve repairs based on our written estimate and photos.)
• Insurance company coverage/ limitations are assessed and confirmed.
• An inspector will be assigned to assess the damages and come to the location of the vehicle, (usually within 24 hours). They will leave a copy of the original estimate with the shop / or customer.
• Payment and policy will be reviewed and payment decisions made by insurance company. (Whether the check will be mailed to you or us, generally a 2 party check will be issued).
• Towing bills will be paid by the insurance company (if a claim is filed).


• Country Collision Center provides a free written estimate if no insurance company is being utilized. Or a written estimate will be provided from your insurance carrier if there is a claim in process.
• Once we receive a generated estimate from your insurance, Country Collision Center will establish a repair completion date, explain the complexity of the estimate, parts ordering/availability, and locate a rental car company if necessary. (They will pick you up at our shop.)
• If the insurance company decides to apply a betterment or deductible, Country Collision Center will explain the total out-of-pocket cost to our insured.
• Country Collision Center will review unrelated damages and complete an estimate for any additional customer paying repairs (in writing upon request).


• Parts will be ordered.
• The repair process will begin with a tear down if necessary and disassembly.
• If additional damages are found, we will contact the insurance company and create a supplement for any additional repairs, damages or parts.
•  Once the insurance company comes out to reassess any additional work found, and we have received written authorization, we will then continue with repairs and order any additional parts.
• If paying cash, any additional damages found , we will contact our customer immediately for the opportunity to discuss your options and have the estimate reassessed if necessary.


• Structural repair is done in cases of heavy hits.
• Body and metal repairs are made according to exact factory tolerances.
• Parts are installed to fit and finish meeting manufactures tolerances.
• Body parts are corrosion protected and restored according to the factory tolerances.
• Body and metal work is then completed to consistent pre-finish grade.
• Prior to refinishing, the vehicle is inspected.
• Vehicle is primed, sanded, sealed, and masked for spray procedure.


• We apply primers and special PPG base colors that match your factory paint code.
• Your vehicle is then baked in our Devillis downdraft booth to cure. Our refinish coats meet factory quality or better.
• Primary PPG color is added. (We are going green and all water-based paint will be used).
• Vehicle is buffed and wet sanded where necessary to insure invisible repairs and factory match.


• Your vehicle is re-assembled
• Your vehicle has a final detail completed.
• A complete and final inspection is done by management, to insure color match, body lines and parts usage are all to original factory specs according to the insurance company guidelines.


• You are notified that the repair process is complete and the vehicle is ready for pick up.
• You will receive a complete itemized repair order and estimate of the work that was performed.
• Upon satisfaction, your only responsibility is the deductible, any customer-pay work you agreed upon, and any betterment that is applied from the insurance company.


• Country Collision Center offers a lifetime guarantee of repairs on our workmanship. All you have to do is call us and we will evaluate your file, look at concerns, and we gladly back our word… 100%.
• We ask that you refrain from waxing your freshly painted vehicle for 30 days.
• You may wash your car at any time. To keep your vehicle looking it’s best, we always recommend a “touch free” car wash.


• Country Collision Center loves referral. That’s what keeps us striving to be the best choice in Collision repairs.
• Don’t forget to leave us your e-mail address, as we want you to receive money-saving coupons and notification of upcoming events.

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