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Founded in 2001, Country Collision Center is here to take the hassle out of your repair needs.

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Country Collision

Country Collision Center is a State of the Art facility offering full collision, frame, fiberglass and restoration services. We work with ALL insurance companies and offer discounts on “out of pocket” repairs. If your vehicle is not driveable, call us and our towing service will assist you in bringing your vehicle directly to us.

State of the Art Facilities

Country Collision Center offers full collision, frame, fiberglass and restoration services. You can trust your vehicle will be returned to its original, pre-collision condition.

We work with ALL Insurance Providers

Contact us before calling your insurance company. We offer discounts on “out of pocket” repairs.

Direct Repair Fleet Service

We are a direct repair service with several Fleet companies. If you are a Fleet Manager, contact us today for more details.

Your next step is to decide if you’re filing a claim…

If filing a claim, simply contact your agent or insurance carrier, file the claim, and call us with the claim number. That is all we need to get the process started! We will set up a time for you to bring your vehicle for a preliminary estimate, submitting all paperwork for the insurance carrier to approve.

Our State Certified Estimator will contact your insurance company and handle everything from there.

With our extensive background and training, Country Collision Center is able to answer all your questions and concerns. (Feel free to call us any time!)

We will also will keep you updated during the repair process. Our aim is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible and return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. We understand the importance of having your vehicle available and respect your time. Complete satisfaction is our goal. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle.

Make us your one stop shop for all your collision needs!

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