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DeVilbiss – Concept Cure Downdraft Paint Booth

Climate controlled heat environment for baking paint to a perfect finish. This State of the Art technology allows the painting to be done in a controlled environment with consistent temperature and humidity levels which results in a more uniform finish and allows the newly painted components to be handled in a shorter time expediting the time of your repair.

One of the defining characteristics of a spray booth is what type of airflow it uses to remove overspray. The three basic types are open front booths, crossflow booths, and downdraft spray booths.

Downdraft booths pull air in through ceiling-mounted filters and direct it out into a cavity underneath the floor. Downdraft booths do the best job of removing overspray from the work environment and are the best booths for exacting applications such as automotive or aircraft finishes and industrial coatings that require precise tolerances.

Chief Easy Liner Frame Machine

For the best quality and precision alignment of damaged frames, Country Collision uses only the industry’s best equipment. The frame alignment is crucial to the overall structural integrity and safety of your vehicle. This process employs many different techniques to insure your car is returned to factory specifications.

PPG Computer Controlled Paint System

PPG has always been on the forefront of automotive coating innovation since their beginnings in 1924. Our system allows for exact color matching guaranteeing that the newly painted areas of the repair will match perfectly the original OEM finish of your vehicle.